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Suchismita Naik

User Experience and Design Researcher

Embarking on a Doctoral Journey at Purdue:

8+ Years at the Intersection of UX Research and Design


Recent Research Works


Selected Design Works

My work comprises of design research, data visualisations, with a focus on data-driven digital products and systems. Always putting the user at the centre of attention.


Other Works

Publications & Talks

Some of the conferences and symposium where my work was presented and published 

(Honorable mention for the poster award)

Service design for blood bank system 

25-29 September 2017

GHCI 2017, Bangalore

Visualisation helping in bridging the supply and demand of blood

16-17 November 2017


Data Stories: Bringing your data to life

with Rasagy Sharma & Chandni Murmu

5 November, 2020

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" The shortest distance between the truth and a human being is a story "  - Anthony de Mello

With the natural curiosity to understand the subject matter, I work to discover insights and stories that might not be obvious in the beginning. I focus on transforming these insights into intuitive interfaces, innovative products and services which bring delightful experiences. 

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